The Coffee Road

"Coffee should be black as Hell, strong as Death and sweet as Love" Turkish proverb

All of us, the lovers of coffee - the hot drink with mysterious magical flavor - know that the pleasure of coffee drinking has to be experienced rather than narrated. Do you like your coffee first thing in the morning or just before leaving? Then you should not miss the atmosphere created in cafeterias around the world, or touch the different coffee cultures and take a look beyond the traditional coffee road. Drinking coffee has become a ritual in most countries of the world, and while sipping at the strong drink a climate of friendly relationship and chat with other people prevails, or you can simply enjoy the magic known as the fairy tale of coffee all by yourself.

Why are there so many varieties of coffee and how long have the coffee beans traveled before they are transformed into delicious cappuccino or traditional Turkish coffee? The Coffee Road is an adventure, which takes us to many countries around the world and brings us in touch different and interesting cultures.

Turkish coffee is sweet, semisweet, or even bitter. It looks more like a black diamond liquid than water. The best flavor is probably the one that is semi-sweet. Turkish culture dictates that the residue at the bottom of your cup of Turkish coffee can tell your destiny.

Or have you heard of Hawaiian coffee? It has an extremely rich and unique taste, for excellent coffee varieties are grown in Hawaii because of the favorable weather conditions there. In Hawaii there are at least 500 coffee farms on the slopes of the Kona area. The coffee varieties grown here are among the best global brands.

Coffee is crucial to the daily rhythm of hot Greece. The coffee there is thick, full of flavor and with a nice, fluffy cream. Greek coffee is definitely stronger than the coffee you'd drink in the U.S. If you are heading to a Greek cafeteria, do not forget and eat something beforehand, because the Greek coffee can be a little stronger for your taste.

If you are looking for a slightly exotic flavor, Ethiopian coffee is your ideal choice. As a matter of fact, Ethiopia is the actual country of origin of coffee beans now enjoyed worldwide. The traditional mocha coffee are the purest coffee beans. Here in Ethiopia, coffee beans are roasted by the family member growing them.

Austria, too, loves coffee, since the time when the Turks brought coffee beans to wondrous Vienna after the Ottoman invasion. Coffee culture comes to the old continent by sea in 17th century, and officially coffee cultivation in Europe begins as early as 18th century. In Austria Mocha, Brauner, Einspanner, Espresso or Kaffee blonde await for you.

Why is it called the Coffee Road? The truth is that every country has its traditions with regard to the cultivation and most of all, the drinking ritual of coffee. People in South India like to drink coffee with lots of milk and sugar. This originates perhaps from the fact that Indians like hot and spicy foods.

In Turkey coffee tells the future. To brew Turkish coffee, however, you'd need a special coffee pot, the ibrik, to put the coffee beans, sugar and water inside and wait until the coffee boils up. Get ready for a very strong, thick and aromatic coffee.

The Dutch also like strong coffee with sugar. In the Netherlands, coffee is served with a glass of milk and a glass of water.

Do not be surprised if in Australia you are asked whether you'd like to drink "white coffee". This white coffee is simply coffee with milk.

Preparing coffee in Arab countries is a ceremony, ritual and ceremonial events. Arabic coffee is served in a small cup and under no circumstances should it be sweetened.

Coffee really is an avid traveler: from Ethiopia to fine Italian cafes, from the Arab world, where the preparation of coffee is a sacred action to the United States, where coffee drinking and serving turned into profitable business, the fragrant drink really enjoys visiting new places and touching new cultures. Have you drawn your morning coffee fortune cookie? Sip aromatic cappuccino and start your day with a smile, no matter if you are in chilly Finland, sunny Spain or somewhere in the quiet mountains of Bulgaria!