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Univers Cafe factory - Brescia, Italy, and Vlora, AlbaniaUnivers Cafe factory 
- Brescia, Italy

Univers Cafe Head quarters - Sofia, BulgariaUnivers Cafe
Head quarters
- Sofia, Bulgaria

The Univers Cafe - Italian coffee brand was created after a series of studies in the coffee world. What caused our success were the results we achieved. These results are due not only to the sales volumes we have reached, but also to the loyalty of our customers. This loyalty is obtained thanks to the excellent connection and cooperation between producer and buyer, and whence came the full satisfaction of the customer.

The Company Univers Cafe - Italian coffee, produces espresso brands for bars, restaurants and hotels, as well as two brands of Turkish coffee for family use. The machines used for Univers Cafe - Italian coffee manufacturing are among the highest-end technology on the market.

The raw coffee materials, used in the coffee production, are imported directly from the producing countries and, on arrival to our warehouses, are carefully inspected in the quality laboratory by our demanding professionals. A series of quality tests are conducted before the start of the coffee production process.

During the production, we continue to closely monitor the quality and only after a perfect result from the tests is reached, the roasted coffee is packed. The company also maintains its own research laboratory, focused on researching and developing new products, suitable for certain market sectors, based on consumer tastes.